Goodrise Granloa

Art Direction  Ad Campaign
September 2022 | Portfolio Development

For Goodrise Granola, a caffeinated granola cereal brand made with all natural ingredients, we created the campaign “A Caffeinated Surpirse” for Goodrise Granola that highlights the differentiating factor or the special ingredient “caffeine”. 


You won’t taste it,
but you can feel it.

While the usage of vegan, sustainable, and all natural ingredients seemed like an interesting approach for Goodrise, we also realized that it doesn’t differentiate our brand from the rest of the cereals. Based on the feedback from the advanced rough presentation, we decided to focus on highlighting the special ingredient: caffeine.

Differentiating while
staying elegant

How can we reveal the differentiating factor, caffeine, more effectively?

Like a matryoshka doll, a russian doll that stacks decreasing sizes of dolls inside one another, we decided to “reveal the ingredients” to emphasize the special factor of Goodrise granola - caffeine. This also allowed us to display the product’s other strength: natural and vegan ingredients.

Goodrise & Shine

The Tagline

With an overarching tagline “Goodrise & Shine,” we wanted to incorporate the brand name that can convey the brand’s motto for being the “all new caffeinated granola breakfast cereal for adults” that is “made for you to crush your day”.